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    Bloringa! Mi bloringa!


    Sailing y Chelsea Hotel N2 - Cover por mi

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    Hoy jodiendo grabe dos covers, y se los muestro aca...Chelsea hotel n2 y Sailing.

    Chelsea Hotel N2 (Leonard Cohen)

    link: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5885442101376754595&hl=es

    I remember you well in the chelsea hotel,
    You were talking so brave and so sweet,
    Giving me head on the unmade bed,
    While the limousines wait in the street.
    Those were the reasons and that was new york,
    We were running for the money and the flesh.
    And that was called love for the workers in song
    Probably still is for those of them left.

    Ah but you got away, didn't you babe,
    You just turned your back on the crowd,
    You got away, i never once heard you say,
    I need you, i don't need you,
    I need you, i don't need you
    And all of that jiving around.

    I remember you well in the chelsea hotel
    You were famous, your heart was a legend.
    You told me again you preferred handsome men
    But for me you would make an exception.
    And clenching your fist for the ones like us
    Who are oppressed by the figures of beauty,
    You fixed yourself, you said, "well never mind,
    We are ugly but we have the music."

    And then you got away, didn't you babe...

    I don't mean to suggest that i loved you the best,
    I can't keep track of each fallen robin.
    I remember you well in the chelsea hotel,
    That's all, i don't even think of you that often.

    Esta es la version de Rufus wainwright del tema de Cohen.

    link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=f4rQ03pl2Og&feature=related

    Sailing (Rod Stewart)

    link: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5713436541304155600&hl=es

    I am sailing, I am sailing,
    Home again cross the sea.
    I am sailing, stormy waters,
    To be near you, to be free.

    I am flying, I am flying,
    Like a bird cross the sky.
    I am flying, passing high clouds,
    To be with you, to be free.

    Can you hear me, can you hear me
    Thro the dark night, far away,
    I am dying, forever trying,
    To be with you, who can say.

    Can you hear me, can you hear me,
    Thro the dark night far away.
    I am dying, forever trying,
    To be with you, who can say.

    We are sailing, we are sailing,
    Home again cross the sea.
    We are sailing stormy waters,
    To be near you, to be free.

    Oh lord, to be near you, to be free.
    Oh lord, to be near you, to be free,

    link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=0myxWNjLcyU


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    #1 - kur3t | 06.01.2009 03:33:50 dijo:
    Lo probe y dice no dispnible, pero si hacen click en el vinculo anda

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